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Women in construction

Overcoming gender stereotypes in the construction industry

Apr 13, 2019

Recently, I have met Cristina Savian, a management professional with vast experience in engineering and business development. Her research is focused in the subject of gender sterotypes in the construction industry and the implementation of strategies that ...


Tackling gender diversity in the construction industry

Dec 12, 2018

A global shortage of construction professionals could be met by increasing the number of women in the industry, according to research from Cambridge Judge Business School.

built environment

Diversity in Construction: Women in BIM

May 24, 2017

Comit Conference 2017

built environment
built environment

Women in Construction Ambassadors

Nov 1, 2019

Cristina Savian is managing director at BE-WISE Ltd, a London based consultancy firm specialised in the digital transformation and innovation of the construction industry. Cristina has over 20 years’ experience ...

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Women in BIM

By Katya Veleva
July 03, 2018

We ain’t many. I am not planning to shower you in statistics – if you want them, there are resources avalable a google search away, but if you think that the construction and technology industries are gender diverse, this blog may not be your cup of tea.

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Women and the EMBA


Alumnae share their professional and Executive MBA experiences.

Cristina is Chief Executive Officer and Founder at BE-WISE.

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