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Cristina is the founder of BE-WISE, an international consultancy firm with offices in London, Dubai and Melbourne, She makes it her mission to help drive digital transformation and technology adoption across the construction sector. Cristina is also the author of a few publications focusing on the adoption of digital twins in the built environment that the IET and RICS have published.


She has served on engineering and construction panels as a judge and board member for several years, and she is the new international ambassador for nima (formerly UK BIMAlliance). In addition, she also writes a column for, where she writes articles about the latest trends in the construction industry.  

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Cristina Savian is a trailblazing force in the world of digital transformation and technology adoption of digital twins for built assets. As the CEO and founder of BE-WISE, a prestigious international management consultancy firm with offices in London, Dubai, and Melbourne, she has left an indelible mark on the industry.  

With over 25 years of experience in the civil engineering and technology sectors, Cristina’s expertise is unparalleled. But her contributions go far beyond her consultancy work. She is revered as a sought-after conference chair, captivating keynote speaker, and discerning judge for prestigious construction technology events worldwide. She has shared the stage with the industry’s biggest entrepreneurs and government officials from Australia to the UK, UAE, India and Saudi Arabia.  

Recently appointed as the international ambassador for nima (formerly UK BIMAlliance), Cristina exemplifies her unwavering commitment to advancing the field and pushing its boundaries even further.  

A prolific author, Cristina has penned influential publications on adopting digital twins in the built environment. These works, acclaimed by the IET and RICS, showcase her deep understanding and innovative insights. Her publication was also mentioned in the Digital Twin India Policy: Digital Twin Strategy for Indian Infrastructure.  

She also imparts her wisdom as a columnist and T.V. podcaster for, where she provides curated content on the latest trends shaping the construction industry.  

Cristina’s unparalleled influence in the realm of digital twins Industry 4.0 has garnered her well-deserved recognition. For three consecutive years (2021, 2022, and 2023), she has been acknowledged as one of the most influential voices propelling the field forward.  

With her trailblazing spirit and unwavering dedication to technology-driven construction practices, Cristina Savian is an influential panel member, accomplished author, and distinguished international ambassador, leading the charge towards a digitally transformed future. 

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