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Our definition of Digital Twins for built assets

We are the artists of the built environment, who carefully select the materials to be applied. A digital twin is the combination of the canvas with the integrated inherited understanding of our existing built assets and how they interact with the previous and future generations.

Cristina Savian

CEO and Funder of BE-WISE

WDBE 2019

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Digital Twin Consortium


Centre for Digital Built Britain

Articles Publications

The Elephant in the Circus

Cristina Savian


Digital twins for the built environment

An introduction to the opportunities, benefits, challenges and risks


Co-author: Cristina Savian


Study on the development of a European Union framework for digital building logbooks

Contributor: Cristina Savian

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House of Digital Twins

Cristina Savian


Useful videos

Digital Twins Demystified — the What, Why, & How of Implementing Digital Twins

Digital Twins Demystified — the What, Why, & How of Implementing Digital Twins

Speaker: Cristina Savian Founder & CEO, BE-WISE Cristina is the founder of BE-WISE, an international consultancy focused on driving adoption of technology and bringing to market the most promising innovation in the construction and property industries across Europe, the US, and Australia. Cristina has two decades of experience in the civil engineering and technology industries, working on projects ranging from traffic management schemes through to transport planning for major events such as the London 2012 Olympics. As a recognized industry trailblazer Cristina is a regular speaker at international industry events and regular columnist for and holds judge and board positions on engineering and construction panels such as the IET built environment industry panel in the UK. In Australia, she is part of the National Workgroup for the Digital Built and Legal Environment and the Australasian BIM Advisory Board, Asset Management Technical Working Group. Twitter: @cristina_savian LinkedIn: Website: _____ Speaker: Belinda Hodkinson Director, Magnae Belinda is an experienced digital transformation strategist, executive director of Magnae, chairperson, and committee member to industry initiatives. She has substantial involvement in the building and construction industry where her leadership has been applied to help organizations embrace technology for their success. Twitter: @bellehod LinkedIn: Website: _____ Speaker: Amanda Wyzenbeek Airport Design Manager, Sydney Airport Amanda is the Digital Twin Champion for Sydney Airport. Her role is to discover and translate the actual needs of the organization whilst demystifying the offer from prospective digital technologists and establish those who can meet the business's requirements. From a customer’s perspective, she has hands-on experience with culture transformation, achieving executive buy-in and overall project management of the process, partnering with both the business and the consultant on the digital transformation journey. LinkedIn: _____ Shadow Summit brings together the most technologically advanced commercial real estate companies, architects, engineers, and contractors to share their lessons on how to innovate in AEC + CRE. Visit our website: Learn more about Summit: Follow us! Twitter: @shadowventures LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
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