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Graduates share their EMBA insights

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Previous students reflect on how the programme influenced their career prospects.

Cristina Savian Italian/British. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, 2018. Founder and chief executive, BE-WISE, London How did the EMBA change your professional life? The great thing about the EMBA is that because you study while you work, you can apply what you have learnt right away. The course had an immediate impact, giving me the edge I was looking for. If someone had told me when I started the course that I would set up my own business by the end of it, I would never have believed them. But the support of my peers, along with the skills I learnt, gave me the confidence to launch BE-WISE, a consultancy that brings new technology and innovation to the construction market. Meeting people who have run businesses for many years, and others just starting out, helped me because unless you meet someone who has been there, you do not think you can do it. When I meet people now, I try and give them this confidence, as well as an impression of my experience at Judge because every business school is different and it is important to find a good fit.

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