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Photo by Ashwin Vaswani on Unsplash

By Cristina Savian and Jenny Tseng

What transferrable skills are critical to helping individuals transform their career with a digital mindset?"

We discussed this in our weekly "digital room" on CH. Because of the current pandemic, many people lose jobs in some industries and reinvented themselves, are digital skills transferable? Construction is the least digitised industry in our society, yet this pandemic taught us we need innovation, and we are witnessing skills shortages, we simply have not got enough people to fulfil the demand for housing and infrastructure to meet the current population growth.

We have to optimise one of the most important industries at the base of our society and without doubts, one way to do it is to digitalise it. so what skills and mindsets are we looking for assisting digital transformation journey?

What do we need to transform from traditional analogue industries such as construction?

Why are universities and traditional education teaching traditional industries based on what they were and not what they should be? Our education system is flawed regardless of the country we are using as an example and in comparison. At school and university even if we are learning digital skills and toolsets, they are inadequate and insufficient to support what we use practically in our work. At work, even when we use more advanced tools with a more collaborative digital process, we are still thinking in silos and adopting our traditional ways of doing things. Why? because that is the way we were taught in the first place and what we have to use if we don't we are not adhering to the code of conduct. How do we get away from this trap and better inspire the next generation?

We are hopeful about our industry, the pandemic has become the best catalyst and pushed us in embracing our new every day working style with virtual conference calls and digital tools in the palm of our hands. Our mindsets are changing and digitalised progressively even if, at least for some of us, it may not be that apparent.

Consider yourself as a pioneer or change agent in digital transformation

Consider yourself as a pioneer or change agent in digital transformation, where some businesses need optimisation and others need transformation. Optimisation in the improvement of current processes, wherein other cases we need to completely rethink the way we are doing and how we doing. So here a thought, are we approaching this wrong in construction? Perhaps we do not need to digitally transform, we have to completely disrupt the industry altogether from as early as possible in a systematic way throughout the work lifecycle to achieve full digitalisation!

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